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Sire: Deliverance
($225,000 2013 Crossbred Classic Boar)
Dam: ALL STAR’s mother
(Get It On X Intimidator)

Stress: Negative

STUNNER is one that is incredibly stout, jumbo legged, wide chested, up-headed, barrel-ribbed, and tons of power over his top and hip. This very popular boar is busted open all the way from his chest floor to his massive center cavity and back to his wide square hip. His mother is one of our best sows, both to look at and in the farrowing crate! Remember, boars generate like their mother and STUNNER’s mother is perfect and still looks like a champion showpig. Extremely attractive package that has the bone and thickness to win. STUNNER is mid-sized and a definite showpig sire. You will stun the competition!





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