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Sire: Sugar Daddy 91
Dam: Franchise X Bone Collector

Semen Price: $100/Dose
Call 1-888-281-1617

Stress: Negative

Bred by: Jay Schneder

MICKEY jumped out at us during 2016 Indiana Crossbred Classic. This guy was one of the youngest boars at the show, but had one the stoutest structures, monster center rib, wide top, great feet and legs, and a cocky, extended head and neck. We fell in love with is elevation at the point of his shoulder, upheaded, high head carriage, ability to travel up on his toes, and ideal thickness without being outside himself. We stopped to check on MICKEY while we were traveling home, and his head was in the feeder chowing away. MICKEY will definitely put middle and center dimension in your showpigs. Make sure to put this guy in your line up because this is what we want them to look like.

Must see the videos!





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