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Carry Out
Carry Out

Sire: Carry On
Dam: Thrift Shop x Pivot Point


Semen Price: $100/Dose
Call 1-888-281-1617

Bred by: Jerry McLemore

EN: 7-8
Registration: 490436008

Most popular and High-selling Hampshire Boar 2015 NBS!

Looking for a Hampshire Boar that is busted apart, super good-looking, perfect on his feet and legs, has a barrel rib, and the ideal muscle?  CARRY OUT is the man!  As we watched CARRY OUT strut around the ring, we loved how flexible and athletic he was as well as that cocky, fancy look through his front end. CARRY OUT takes a long, reaching stride and moves flawlessly on his toes. He is square built, big legged, and has tremendous width and balance from front to rear. The pedigree of this guy is really cool and has Jerry McLemore's best on the top and bottom side. We are excited to add this elite Hampshire boar to our phenomenal Hampshire line-up. This guy can also be used to make great crosses! Must use!!!!




Cain Super Sires
Cain Super Sires
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