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Believe in Me
Believe in Me

Sire: Without a Doubt
Dam: King's Sister - Crown Royal

Semen Price: $100/Dose
Call 1-888-281-1617

EN: 10-2
Registration: 364967002

We have fun breeding Duroc hogs for the kids. So we took our best sow (the most impressive red sow we have ever seen) which is KING’s littermate sister and lined her up! In case you don’t know, the sire WITHOUT A DOUBT is NO DOUBT X KING’s sister.  Consequently, this special breeding piece is 1/4 NO DOUBT and 3/4 KING’s littermate sister. Trust us – KING’s sister is maybe the best sow we have ever seen.

BELIEVE IN ME is really big footed and heavy, heavy boned! He is wide chested; bold, massive rib; and has a thick, square hip. This powerful Duroc boar has great wheels and is perfectly square from the ground up and moves like a cat!  A mid-sized hog that looks like a show hog, acts like a show hog and genetically bred to be a breeding hog! One of the best Duroc boars to enter CAIN SUPER SIRES!



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Cain Super Sires
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