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American Warrior

American Warrior

American Warrior

American Warrior
Mother of American Warrior

Sire: Ninja
Dam: Sugar Ray

Semen Price: $250/dose
Overrun: $200/dose
10 dose contract: $175/dose
20 dose contract: $150/dose

Stress: Negative

Bred by: Nathan Ray

We are thrilled to give you the opportunity to breed to this elite crossbred sire! In our minds, it was an easy decision for Russell (the judge) to use AMERICAN WARRIOR as Grand Champion Crossbred Boar at the 2017 Crossbred Classic. This guy hit the ring and he demanded your attention. AMERICAN WARRIOR is so incredibly good in how he fits together. He is tall fronted and level made with that cool, extended front-end that you need to win. This champion boar is so mobile, athletic and flexible with monster legs and feet. He is square and stout up front along with an impeccable hip and hind leg. His stoutness and correctness with a huge rear leg is unmatched. He is square in true off both ends with a big chest and center cavity that will over power the competition. AMERICAN WARRIOR is the ideal boar for a time in the showpig industry where we are trying to keep them stout, but make them bigger, tall fronted and more extended. Put him on the top of the list of boars to use.





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